Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Fluoroscopy Reduces Radiation Exposure to Patients, Personnel

November 4, 2019

By Eric Ramos

SAN ANTONIO, Tex -- November 1, 2019 -- An artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled fluoroscopy system significantly reduces radiation exposure to patients and scatter effect to endoscopy personnel, according to a study presented here at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG).

The findings are important because although the indications for fluoroscopy during endoscopic procedures continue to expand, radiation exposure and protection is still not widely emphasised during advanced endoscopy training.

“Exposure to ionising radiation remains a hazard for patients and healthcare providers,” said Ji Young Bang, MD, AdventHealth Orlando, Orlando, Florida “We evaluated the utility of an AI-enabled fluoroscopy system to minimise radiation exposure during image-guided endoscopic procedures.”

The FluoroShield technology was developed to help reduce the degree of radiation exposure to patients and providers. The AI technology is an additional component that can be fitted to the commonly used Eview fluoroscopy machine in order to further filter radiation that has passed through the pre-existing machine.

The study included 100 patients aged 18 years and older who were having an endoscopy with fluoroscopy. Patients underwent the procedures with either the conventional Eview machine (n = 50) or with the FluoroShield technology (n = 50).

Radiation exposure to patients and healthcare providers was measured by dose area product (DAP). Secondary outcome was radiation scatter to endoscopy personnel measured using dosimeter.

Results showed that radiation exposure to patients was lower (median DAP 2178 vs 5708 microgray per meter squared [mGy/m2]; P = .001) with FluoroShield technology.

Scatter effect to endoscopy personnel was also significantly less with the FluoroShield technology (total deep dose equivalent 0.28 vs. 0.69 mSv; difference of 59.4%).

On multivariate linear regression analysis, only the AI-equipped fluoroscopy system (PP

[Presentation title: Use of Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Radiation Exposure at Fluoroscopy-Guided Endoscopic Procedures. Late-Breaking Abstracts]